Some Big Apple eateries deserve to be recognized more. Critical Mousse aims to do just that while shining a light on the culinary issues of the day.


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Interview with Freehold's Derek Crimmins and John Garrett-Young

Derek Crimmins, chef at Freehold in Williamsburg, and John Garrett-Young, a managing partner at the restaurant, discuss the changes to the trendy eatery's menu, what their customers expect from the establishment (and what it expects from them) and the problems with unripe tomatoes in this Critical M...

Interview with Christopher Lockwood of Brasserie Witlof

Interview with Ephraim Nagar of Talia's Steakhouse


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Restaurant Review: Tung Thong 181

One of the fabulous things about the Big Apple is that you can find an abundance of great eateries in every neighborhood—and Washington Heights, a bustling, diverse enclave in the northern part of Manhattan, is no exception....

Restaurant Review: Payag

Restaurant Review: Nippori


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Why Service-Included Bills Shouldn't Include Space for Extra Tips

If you're like me and dread the process of adding up the tip at the end of a meal, you kind of like when a restaurant gives you a check where the tip is already included....

A Diatribe Against Using Unripe Tomatoes

How Ambrosia's Decline Became a Win-Win for America

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