Isn’t this just another food blog?

Isn’t Mozart just another composer?

Who gave you the right to say what’s good or bad about New York City restaurants?

We’re all potential customers—therefore we have the right to speak our mind about the quality of the food that we pay for. Given that we at Critical Mousse have been dining out at Big Apple eateries practically since birth, we’d like to think our credentials are rather sizable.

Why did you give my restaurant a bad review? I didn’t do anything to you.

There are no “bad” reviews appearing on Critical Mousse … only different gradations of quality. We pride ourselves on offering unbiased, honest and fair assessments of the restaurants and issues that we cover. If you have a problem with that, speak to our Founding Fathers.

Oh, so what’s the deal with your reviewing system … sorry, your “Mousse Intensity Level”?

Each Mousse Intensity Level suggests a different kind of quality. “Milky” indicates that a restaurant is good, “Bittersweet” connotes that a spot is even better, “Robust” conveys the idea that an eatery is excellent, and “Supreme” is at the top end. C’est tout.

Why don’t you have restaurant addresses, phone numbers and other contact information on your site? How do you expect me to find the places you write about?

In this information age, nearly everything may be available on the Internet. Critical Mousse recognizes this, and in that light aims to provide content that is more aesthetic than directional. We’re looking to provide enjoyment to our visitors in our reviews, opinion pieces, interviews and polls—to supply text and video that are both illuminating and artistically pleasing. Addresses and contact info may be found almost anywhere. A good piece of writing may not.

What the hey—you removed my comment from your page! What’s up with that?

Critical Mousse reserves the right to moderate comments on its site for content and any other issues, and it may remove comments posted in response to reviews, opinion pieces and any other offerings for reasons it may deem fit—including hate speech, abusive behavior, a predilection for putting both ketchup and mustard on hot dogs, etc. Just letting you know.

Do you ever review restaurants outside of New York City?

Critical Mousse may, on occasion, do just that in an effort to showcase places that deserve to be better known or issues that are prevalent in other regions. Our focus, however, is on NYC establishments.

I’d like to write for Critical Mousse. Can you let me know how I can do that?

Critical Mousse is always on the lookout for good writers. Please see the Contact page to get in touch. We may respond with requests for more information, including the possibility of asking for writing samples. Bear in mind that although a response is not guaranteed, given the amount of email we receive, we will try our best to get back to you if such an initiative is warranted.

How do I get my restaurant to be reviewed by Critical Mousse?

Critical Mousse loves to review restaurants, but we have to know more about your eatery to see if it would make sense for the site. Please see the Contact page to get in touch.

I want to be interviewed by Critical Mousse! Would you please call my people?

Critical Mousse also loves to interview people, but, like our reviews, we need to assess whether the subjects are relevant. Please see the Contact page to get in touch.

Couldn’t you have chosen a better name? I mean, “Critical Mousse”?

A mousse by any other name would taste as delicious. QED.

Know a restaurant or issue we should write about?

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