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Interview with Ephraim Nagar of Talia's Steakhouse

/ July 9, 2017

Ephraim Nagar, owner of Talia's Steakhouse on Amsterdam Avenue, talks about his restaurant's diverse clientele, the importance of management and the future of kosher food....

Interview with Christopher Lockwood of Brasserie Witlof

/ May 28, 2017

Christopher Lockwood, bar manager at Brasserie Witlof in Williamsburg, discusses his creative process, the appeal of bespoke cocktails and foraging for ingredients in this Critical Mousse interview....

Interview with Freehold's Derek Crimmins and John Garrett-Young

/ April 4, 2017

Derek Crimmins, chef at Freehold in Williamsburg, and John Garrett-Young, a managing partner at the restaurant, discuss the changes to the trendy eatery's menu, what their customers expect from the establishment (and what it expects from them) and the problems with unripe tomatoes in this Critical M...

Interview with Robin Gelfenbien

/ February 15, 2017

Storyteller, ice-cream-cake maker and Yum's the Word host Robin Gelfenbien talks to Critical Mousse about her love of the frozen dessert that she works so well with and its connection to her comedy. For more of Robin, visit http://www.yumsthewordshow.com....

Interview with Chef Rob Borden

/ January 15, 2017

In this interview, private chef Rob Borden discusses his stints on TV, his use of edible flowers, and the difference between the culinary scenes in the Hamptons and New York City....

Interview with Nicole O’Brien, Chef/Owner of The Pandering Pig

/ November 23, 2016

Nicole O’Brien, chef/owner of Washington Heights restaurant The Pandering Pig, discusses the locavore trend, misogyny in the restaurant world and other topics in this Critical Mousse interview....

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