Restaurant Review: Old Homestead Steakhouse

/ November 21, 2017

Giving a restaurant you want to like a review that's just not as positive as you'd hoped is one of the hardest things in the universe to do ... at least, from a culinary writing perspective....

Restaurant Review: Gotham Bar and Grill

/ October 21, 2017

Critical Mousse is mostly about little-known, underappreciated New York restaurants that don't get the recognition they deserve....

Restaurant Review: Angry Burger

/ January 4, 2017

Anthropomorphizing inanimate objects is often a sign of pretentiousness, yet there’s nothing affected about Washington Heights gastropub Angry Burger, despite its bizarre name—which may cause one to envision some kind of cartoonish all-beef patty shooting steam out of a pair of ground-chuck ears...

Restaurant Review: Bistro Ten 18

/ November 4, 2016

Dining at Bistro Ten 18 is like visiting a friendly neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar: It’s a pleasant experience, but just not as fulfilling as seeing a friend. Situated on the corner of 110th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, the restaurant offers a local charm that in the all-too-recent past was a r...

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