Some Big Apple eateries deserve to be recognized more. Critical Mousse aims to do just that while shining a light on the culinary issues of the day.


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Interview with Freehold's Derek Crimmins and John Garrett-Young

Derek Crimmins, chef at Freehold in Williamsburg, and John Garrett-Young, a managing partner at the restaurant, discuss the changes to the trendy eatery's menu, what their customers expect from the establishment (and what it expects from them) and the problems with unripe tomatoes in this Critical M...

Interview with Christopher Lockwood of Brasserie Witlof

Interview with Ephraim Nagar of Talia's Steakhouse


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Restaurant Review: WAHI Oyster Bar & Restaurant

Imagine going out for what you expect to be a delicious meal at a wonderful local restaurant, settling down into a slightly cramped but generally adequate circular table at the end of a long, trendy-ish row of such assemblages, perusing the menu and seeing a lot of things that you'd like. Imagine th...

Restaurant Review: Old Homestead Steakhouse

Restaurant Review: Gotham Bar and Grill


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Hey, Restaurateurs: Let's Have More Amuse-Bouches, Please

There's an old saying that notes: The only thing free is garbage. Well, that may not quite be true when it comes to the restaurant world, at least with regard to amuse-bouches....

American Cheese Is Un-American

When Half-Empty Restaurants Offer Poor Seating Choices

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