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You may have asked the question already: Isn’t Critical Mousse just another restaurant blog? Well, yes and no. You’ll definitely find reviews and interviews here—that’s for certain. And you’ll find a host of opinion pieces and polls, too … that’s for sure. But you’ll also discover a perspective that’s different from the norm, as well as a focus that separates this page from the pack. Critical Mousse aims to showcase little-known, underappreciated and local restaurants in New York City, as well as explore rarely broached subjects affecting both diners and eateries around town. These efforts might be serious. These efforts might be funny. Yet they all share two things: interest value and the goal of bringing to light issues and establishments that haven’t been discussed enough. All with a critical eye, of course, and a fair approach. That’s the least Critical Mousse can do. We hope you’ll concur.

About Me

I’m a writer and editor with a long history of dining out at restaurants—my first gastronomic memory is journeying to the lovely Hunan Taste on Manhattan’s Upper West Side when I was just a toddler with my parents—and an immense appreciation for good food and drink. (One look at my stomach will verify that!) I’ve written for entities ranging from Zagat to Adweek and have worked in the publishing arena for many years. I’m also a native New Yorker who never left the city and has watched it develop into the amazing restaurant environment that it is now. In short, I am a Big Apple aficionado, and I hope that shows in this labor of love that I call Critical Mousse. Thank you for visiting it.

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