Submitted By Simon Hardy Butler, September 15, 2017

Ever wonder why you don’t see ambrosia on restaurant menus anymore?

You’re not mourning that loss, though, right? Not seeing the “food of the gods” on your local eatery’s list of available foodstuffs hasn’t sent you crying into the streets, beating your breast and asking Zeus why, oh, why can’t more establishments see the light when it comes to this ooey-gooey onetime delicacy, correct?

Let’s face the facts: This unctuous, ultrasweet combination of marshmallows, pineapple, mandarin oranges and coconut is the type of thing┬áthat might have been thought “elegant” by my fellow Americans back in the day (read: the 1950s) when truly refined provisions were less widely known … but it’s lost whatever luster it once had now that we’ve reached the 21st century.

Sorry, friends. I don’t feel we should look back in nostalgia with regard to edibles of the past if they really, really sucked.

And no, I’m not going to call for bringing the darn thing back. Tastes have changed in the United States … thankfully. We’re more open to things without marshmallows in them. We don’t look at canned pineapple as “exotic.”

That ambrosia may be relegated to the same space occupied these days by gelatin molds and tuna casseroles is something to be proud of. It indicates that we’ve evolved as a people, that our culinary predilections have changed.

For the most part, that is. I know there’s still all that fried state-fair fare to deal with. And yes, we do love our McDonald’s. So we’re not wholly perfect.

We’re getting there, though. With ambrosia being so hard to find on restaurant menus, we may have turned a corner. Next up: cottage cheese salads and fruit cups for dessert. We do have a long way to go, don’t I know it. Yet we’re continuing on our way.

You can bet there won’t be a bologna sandwich in sight once we reach our destination.

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