Submitted By Simon Hardy Butler, March 7, 2017

Anyone else start falling asleep at the dinner table once the clock strikes 10?

Look, I’m all in favor of late-evening munchies, but I’m wondering if things are getting a wee bit ridiculous these days—what with suppers starting past our usual bedtimes and so on.

I’m not as young as I used to be. And I can’t pull these all-nighters anymore, you know?

New York is very European in style, appearance and habits. We stay up to party. We traverse the boardwalks. We sit outside and gawk at passersby.

We also get hungry at odd hours. So it’s only natural that restaurants cater to our needs. Still, must we all look at six o’clock reservations as if they’re Ed Wood movies? It’s not so early, is it?

Time, I suppose, is not on my side when it comes to eating out at a reasonable moment. Or maybe we’re living in the era of the New Reasonable Moment—when dining at dark rather than dusk is the thing to do. That’s OK with me as long as I don’t begin to snore in my soup. Because once that big hand starts rolling around to the 1-0, both my eyes and my willpower start drooping.

Dreamland beckons in the world of the munchies, as it always will. If only I had the capacity to stay awake into the night.

I probably should buy a pair of wings and hoot.

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