Submitted By Crystal Chan-Long, March 18, 2017

Getting served a basket of bread often signifies the beginning of a meal. They all do it—from the top fine dining restaurants to the casual eateries—and frequently, the first impression you get after stepping in the establishment is the bread basket. That’s why this Conveyor of Carbs is pretty important.

Here is some food for thought: Has it ever crossed your mind on whether you prefer warm bread versus cold bread at the start of a repast? I mean, we never really think of such a minute detail—most of us just graze over the idea of what temperature we like our bread at, if ever. We are either happy with what is given or simply leave the bread basket alone … or if you do get cold bread, actually like it at the onset of a feast. (If the latter’s the case, however, you won’t like what you read in the rest of this article.)

But perhaps you are sitting there, sometimes, forcing yourself to scarf down cold bread out of proper manners—and that, my friend, is not OK. We here at Critical Mousse aren’t keen on having subpar dining experiences, and we think you shouldn’t experience any, either.

Perhaps now you are thinking, “Oh, is this really an issue?” And to that, I must respond with a loud, resounding yes! Think about it: You are excited to sit down and have a quality meal with your family/friends/significant other/etc., only to be greeted with a basket of cold, hard, bread. Certainly does put a damper on things doesn’t it?

As you can already tell, my opinion on this warm bread vs. cold bread debate is that I am always on Team Warm Bread. One of the main reasons is “butter spreadability.” Warm bread is just easier for the butter to melt on, as well as to be spread upon, simply said. Plus, that feeling of pulling apart heated, soft, doughy bread is wonderful, especially on a cold New York winter night. Finally, warm bread is simply delicious—coupled with that now-soft-butter lavished on top. It’s divine.

Yup, cold bread just doesn’t cut it. There is nothing worse than the combination of cold bread and cold butter: The butter can’t be moved around, resulting in a less-than-satisfying piece of sustenance. Cold bread is also hard, like little edible stones. Another point for warm bread—it conjures up images of a convivial family passing around the bread basket, as opposed to the cold rolls served at hotel conferences and breakfast meetings.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Hey, in this economy, maybe we are lucky still to receive a complimentary bread basket at the beginning of our meal … so therefore, you might be thinking, “Oh, well, it’s free food,” and not think too much about it. But if you will, consider this to be our PSA to restaurants everywhere: Please stop serving cold bread at the start of meals! We at Critical Mousse will thank you.

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