Submitted By Simon Hardy Butler, August 23, 2017

Every once in a while, we here at Critical Mousse need to take a breather from the world of food and recognize our friends and family who have contributed so much to our lives.

Joseph Rocha was one of those people.

A talented comedian and a good, longtime buddy, Joseph died yesterday at the all-too-early age of 49. He leaves behind a wealth of admirers, who are completely heartbroken. He also leaves a great legacy of making men and women laugh. That will be remembered.

For sure, Joseph was a complex person. Sometimes he stayed a little too long at our apartment. Sometimes he pushed our buttons just a little too much in his curiously blunt inquiries. But we loved him all the same … and perhaps even more for his very human (and very understandable) flaws. From his astute political reflections to his scintillating improvisational skills, Joseph brought an immense amount of happiness to a heckuva lot of folks. His standup was hilarious, often biting, even touching—and always original. His personality: gregarious. His mind: brilliant.

You don’t find that everywhere. You did, however, find that in Joseph Rocha. In that he was unique. And we will never forget how important he was to us.

Thank you for everything you gave us, Joseph. We are forever grateful.

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