Submitted By Simon Hardy Butler, July 2, 2017

What’s the dealio, eateries of New York City?

I’ve been to a number of well-regarded establishments recently that wouldn’t seat me until my entire party arrived. Admittedly, I’m a bit chagrined; again, I ask: What’s the dealio? Wouldn’t it make more sense for a customer to be set at his or her table and start ordering food than to wait around for the rest of his group to appear? What the hey is going on, folks?

At first, I wondered if this dubious trend is a matter of principle. It’s not, though. I was just at a restaurant last night that seated my wife and me despite the fact that we had no reservation and were waiting for one of our friends to join us. So principles be damned. This doesn’t have to do with objective, rational logic.

Maybe the places that practice this pointless art do so because they want to make sure their bar is stocked with drinkers … or that they feel there’s some unwritten rule mandating the need to keep potential patrons waiting for their comrades if they don’t come to the spots in full. Or perhaps these provisioners are just snobby.

Whatever. In any case, this kind of behavior is rude and obnoxious. It shouldn’t be done.

It’s better for everyone if the incomplete party gets its table whenever it arrives and accepts the notion of people joining later. This happens all the time. Why don’t some eateries tolerate it?

Comfort is paramount for folks who frequent restaurants … and those entities should make sure these individuals get their utmost desires in this regard—at least, that these entities can provide. Getting seated is what most people desire when they enter such an establishment. We don’t like to wait. The more we do, the less likely we are to eat at that spot again.

Capisce, O muncheries of New York City? Ours is a primeval want. It’s not too much to ask, is it?

The answer to that question is obvious—and very, very important. Let’s get in gear, here, restaurateurs of today. The goal is to make your customers happy.

This is one step leading to that goal.

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