Submitted By Simon Hardy Butler, November 3, 2016

We’ve come to a point in time where just about any adult beverage, it seems, can be called a Martini.

Chocolate Martinis, of course, are a standard now. So are those green apple things that look like pureed lime gelatin and taste like the liquid inside those wax candy sticks once sold at supermarket checkout lines in an effort to lure customers attracted to shiny, colorful objects.

I’ll tell ya: There are few other libations with the kind of cachet the Martini has, and the name goes a helluva long way. You wouldn’t feel as proud while ordering a Caramel-Toffee Nougat Fizzle, would you?

Prestige, however, has its limits, and so many boozy cocktails carry the hallowed moniker that is impact has become diluted. Isn’t there something to be said for tradition? I mean, c’mon—if it has much more than gin or vodka and a smattering of vermouth, is it still a Martini?

I like the classic mixture, accented, preferably, with an olive, though a diminutive pickled onion will do. Still, I wonder if I’ve become a dinosaur in this era, where all sorts of sugar rims and sweet additions are the norm at various establishments. Does nobody want a glass of pure, unadulterated alcohol to start a meal, anymore?

I’m not saying it’s better that we return to the days of three-Martini lunches or hooch-centric breakfasts. I’m just wondering if we’re softening the legacy of the world’s most iconic cocktail by proffering hundreds of syrupy variations on it. How many more do we need? And if a person creates a new drink, shouldn’t it get a unique name instead of piggybacking on one of a highly venerated tipple?

What are your thoughts? Am I being too hard on the sweet-Martini trend? Or am I, as Goldilocks opined about the perfect bear porridge, just right?

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