Submitted By Simon Hardy Butler, May 6, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a new idea of mine.

Well, I think it’s mine, but I’m sure someone, somewhere, has thought of it concurrently.

No matter. I’d like to posit a suggestion anyway to the restaurant-operator universe: Have you thought about introducing an eatery that’s both upscale and offers American BBQ munchies?

It could be a big hit. Think about it. Instead of messy meats slapped on paper plates and carried on a tray to you, you could be dining on refined ribs on fancy china with a knife and fork, all the while dabbing your mouth with a cloth napkin. And around you: Rather than surrounding yourself with a barroom-like atmosphere, you could be noshing among velvet, elegant paintings, wine decanters and plush booths. Waiters would bring you your chow instead of you waiting on line to get it yourself. To drink? Red Bordeaux instead of golden beer.

Whaddaya think?

OK, so it may not be a novel concept. Yet I do think it’s viable. The thing to do would be to ensure the fare is as top-quality as the environment. Only in New York, you say? Well, perhaps not. This type of spot could be accepted anywhere … if the food is good enough. If not, the concept will sink faster than vinegar on pulled pork.

Then the question is: Why do this at all? Aren’t we content with our regular, casual, down-home American BBQ restaurants?

Sure, some of us might be. Others, however, might want to try something unusual. Something out of the box. Something where you don’t have to get your hands wet. Something for those who love their brisket but also love special occasions.

Chefs have riffed on hamische nosherie for a long time now, and making them high-end may sound a little old hat. Still, the notion of turning American BBQ tidbits into the cuisine provided at a hoity-toity establishment sound kind of fun to me. Would anyone care to try it? I’m waiting.

Not for long, of course. But I’ll give you one thing: If you’re brave enough to go this route, I’ll be brave enough to sample your results.

That’s the facts, Jack and Jill. For there’s always something different to discover … even when it comes to BBQ.

I’ll take a number. And get in line.

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