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In the food world, New York City is known for having really great pizza. With a pie joint standing on almost every block in this diverse metropolis, you can get a suitable slice for an affordable price just a stone’s throw away.

Koronet Pizza in Morningside Heights is one of those spots. As a longstanding establishment, the place has a long history in NYC—some might even say Koronet is an iconic culinary destination in the neighborhood. It’s certainly good for what it is: a local pizzeria with decent prices and big portions. And it’s perfect for the clientele it serves: hungry, broke college students at nearby Columbia University. These collegiates especially like Koronet’s jumbo slices … and when it says jumbo, it means jumbo, for the slices in this category are probably bigger than your head. (Seriously, they are that big.)

So it’s no surprise that when you walk in, you’ll often find that this eatery is already bustling with people. Still, it’s surprisingly spacious and complemented by painted brick walls, mirrors, and a row of bar counter and stools on one side, along with a few tables … which provide judicious seating for its diners. When in Morningside, do as the Morningsiders do, right? In that light, ordering a plain jumbo slice and a small pepperoni slice from the counter is the name of the game, though the small option is pretty much the size of a regular slice of pizza everywhere else in the city.

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The taste test, however, offers the potential mark of distinction: The soft dough and saucy topping of the small pepperoni triangle makes for a quite decent edible—not anything that’ll make one go scream on the rooftops about, but decent. Now for the main attraction: the jumbo slice. It’s a little bland and plenty cheesy, and trying to eat the humongous piece may prove to be an interesting challenge, owing to its size and shape. You might end up saying: “You win giant slice of pizza, you win.” Or you might just gobble it up. As the jumbo item is slightly less than five bucks per slice (the small option is much less), it could possibly serve as snacking material for the next day. You never know. Things have a way of coming in handy.

Koronet Pizza has fed ravenous college students for decades now, and it’s worth the visit if you’re intrigued by the prospect of Instagramming its massive slices. Few other places supply this kind of offering, so this pizzeria stands out. Not that doing so is easy—you are in New York City after all.

Maybe that’s what makes it the experience that it is. Only in New York? For sure.

Only in Morningside Heights? That’s a given. And locals would like to keep it that way for eternity.

Photos by Crystal Chan-Long

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